Zomo has outlets throughout Brazil that sell both wholesale and retail. To find out which one is closer to you, you can access the Find Zomo map FIND ZOMO

It is very simple! Simply go to this page FIND ZOMO and fill in with all the requested data. That way, your store will appear on our Find Zomo map

We are the largest tobacco and accessories industry in the hookah segment in Latin America and the top three in the world. We have two industries, one in Paraguay (in the heart of Latin America) and another in Russia, as well as 4 offices throughout the world: Paraguay, Brazil, the United States and Germany, and our brand is present in more than 23 countries.

We care about the quality of our products and the safety of our processes, that is why we always prioritize compliance with standards that can guarantee the best delivery for you who love our brand so much. We are positioned in the market in accordance to the regulatory agencies in all the countries where we sell. For example ANVISA in Brazil, DINAVISA in Paraguay, and FDA in the United States. We are the only hookah tobacco factory to achieve ISO 9001: 2015 certification, internationally recognized for being the most rigid Quality Management System applied in the world.

Zomo does not work with sponsorships, but our heart is like a mother’s and it always fits everyone. That is why we always do raffles on the page, shipments to the fans of the brand who always accompany us and interact on our pages. Our team is always ready to send a prize to the people who love us. But if you have a media kit featuring your work on social media, you can send it to us at

As soon as we have a launch event or the official announcement of the product on our social networks, the product packed and ready for sale in the market, arrives in about 20 days. We require logistics throughout Brazil, so inquire which is the nearest tobacco store to you.

We have a top team selling our products. You can reach them directly at Instagram: @zomovape.

Thinking about the harm of conventional cigarettes, Z.POD aims to be a friendlier alternative for smokers and ex-smokers. Our device is up to 95% less harmful than cigarettes, helping you reduce damage. To reinforce this concept, we implemented Super Smooth Nicotine in Z.POD, also offering a recharge compatible with other devices. For more information, you can access: ZOMO Z.POD

We have a team that loves to throw a party, so send us your project to and tell us why you deserve to receive our support, and our team will carefully analyze your project.

Our STAR line has an alliance with TOP Artists, and if you want to be part of our constellation of stars, please contact, and our team will analyze your project.

We have our pages and our social networks, where we talk about everything that happens in our world. So, for more information on what we are going to launch, please keep an eye on our networks. In addition, our website has a NEWS Section, always with fresh News about everything that is happening in the Zomo universe.

Every idea is always welcome! Our team is always ready to try and test your suggestions. Contact us through our social networks or send us an email to Have you ever thought if the next Zomo flavor is your suggestion? TOP, doesn”t?!

Our Customer Service team is always here to talk to you. So whatever you need, you can reach us by chat, either on Facebook, Instagram or even on our email We work during commercial hours, but we will send you a reply as soon as possible.

Our processes are all automated and certified by ISO 9001: 2015, which guarantees the safety and quality in the delivery of our products. To give you a better understanding of how this process works, we recorded this video showing how our essences are packaged:

No. The essences are the same, we pack the same tank for different countries, just change the packaging to comply with the regulations of each country.

You can have a Zomo Zone Franchise with a minimum investment from 300 thousand R$, and to receive more information please visit the page ZOMO ZONE.

Zomo supports social projects through the Zomo Vivir program. For example, the Fundation Las Tias social project, based in Ciudad del Este – Paraguay, which offers home and support to more than 50 children at risk and vulnerability. For more information, you can access: ZOMO VIVIR, and if you have a project to present us, you can send it to e-mail, our team will analyze it with great affection.

No, they are not! Zomo is Zomo and Nay is Nay, but both are manufactured by Flavors of Americas, which is the largest tobacco and accessories industry in the hookah segment in Latin America. Created in April 2014, with the aim of meeting and exceeding all market expectations, it is consolidated as one of the largest companies in the sector, in a constant process of expansion.