Hello Zomo, where can I find a Zomo Zone?

Hello Zomo, where can I find a Zomo Zone?

Zomo Zone franchises are a great success, both for their style and the attractions they offer. Who on earth doesn’t like to go to a hookah party, right? We’ve already opened 7 lounges in Brazil and we won’t stop there. Our plan is to go way beyond that number.

You know we’re thinking about you, and how to help you find the nearest Zomo Zonelounge, right? Well, we’ve prepared a list of all our franchisees, so you can decide where to go on vacation. Remember that some cities have restriction measures to protect people against Covid-19, so call the lounge in advance to confirm the opening hours.

Lages – SC

Lages is the top city where our very first lounge was launched. Zomo Zone is at ‘Av. Presidente Vargas, 1588, Coral’. To talk to the guys at Zomo Zone in Lages, go to @zomozone.lages on Instagram.

Ipiranga – SP

Located in the South area of São Paulo, Zomo Zone can be found at ‘Rua Vergueiro, 6712, Ipiranga’. To chat with their team go to @zomozone.sp.zonasul on Instagram.

Tatuape – SP

Several celebrities, like artists and influencers we love, have already visited Zomo Zone in Tatuapé, São Paulo. Join them at ‘Rua Serra de Bragança, 505’ and say hello to them @zomozone.tatuape.

Salvador – BA

We may sound biased saying that all our lounges are beautiful, but the one in Salvador, my friend, exceeds all expectations. Located on the beach, it provides a breathtaking view. So, visit their Insta @zomozone.salvador and tag ‘Rua da Paciência, 116, Rio Vermelho’.

Londrina – PR

In Paraná, the lounges are closed due to restriction measures. Just wait to check that yourself. Till then, follow their Instagram page

Curitiba – PR

Our first lounge in a container is located at Mercado Sal in Curitiba. It’s also closed at the moment due to the restrictions in Paraná. For now, why don’t you take a look at that exquisite lounge on their Instagram page @zomozone.curitiba.container.

Araucária – PR

This was the second lounge launched by Zomo and it is awesome. Because of the pandemic, it is also closed at the moment. Visit their Instagram page at @zomozone_araucaria to find out everything they offer and get ready for their reopening.

And if you want to open your own Zomo Zone, contact us on @zomozonelounges, and let our team explain everything we’ve been planning for you.

Posted in: 19/02/2021

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