Timão flavor wins Anvisa version

Timão flavor wins Anvisa version

Heya, bros! No, you didn’t get that wrong. Our Timão has just been registered at the so called Anvisa – Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency. As everyone knows, Anvisa regulatory requirements involve specific rules and compliance to achieve standardized packaging in Brazil. Unfortunately, to meet their demands, we’ve changed the name of that flavor. Timão is now called ‘Maldives’ in Brazil. 

Zomo is always thinking about offering customers the very best.  Offering our flavors with the Brazilian standardized packaging, will make things much easier for the entrepreneurs in the hookah business. 

The taste and quality are the same, the difference is only the packaging. But for hookah lovers, packaging is just a detail that doesn’t really matter for a hookah session. Follow this link to see this wonderful packaging for yourself and then, delight yourself with the ‘Maldives’ flavor, aka Timão

Oh, and if you still haven’t tasted this flavor, Maldives has lemon, watermelon and mint, a very powerful mix to honor the great Corinthians team. 

Posted in: 18/08/2020

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