Zomo gets to the northeast of the country

Zomo gets to the northeast of the country

Last week, Zomo opened the first franchised lounge in Northeast Brazil, so now Zomo Zone is in Salvador. The lounge, which overlooks the beach, is top-notch and is now a meeting point for those visiting this amazing place. 

It goes without saying that Salvador is stunning, and not for nothing it’s known as “the Land of Joy”. What struck us on the first day we spent at the lounge, indeed, was the warm welcome. I miss it already! 

Wanna come for top drinks and enjoy amazing Shisha, by the sea with this incredible view? Rush to @zomozone.salvador and book your box. Oh, and the address is Rua da Paciência, 116, Rio Vermelho.  

Seriously, if you go to Salvador, you can’t miss this new Zomo postcard! 

Posted in: 21/12/2020

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