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Series to binge-watch during quarantine

Tell me, friends, how bored are you in this quarantine? It's hard to stay away from you guys, but soon we’ll overcome this difficult situation. We’ll see each other sooner than you imagine, at several events we’re planning. In the meantime, I’ve selected some series for you to binge-watch, with inviting hints of flavors to [...]

Posted in: 18 de May de 2020

Zomo in the world

Zomo in Russia – Hookah Club Show 2020

Zomo was a success at HOOKAH CLUB SHOW 2020, one of Russia’s largest hookah events, which featured the main brands’ international launches in a 6002m venue. Sure enough, full-house from the beginning to the end of the event. This was our last participation in this event, as a foreign company. We’re officially launching Zomo in […]

Posted in: 25 de March de 2020

Zomo in the world

Zomo at Drift Fight

Pure adrenaline at the Drift Fight event in Balneário Camboriú, Brazil. Zomo’s constantly on the move and where there is fun, there is Zomo. So, of course we would not have missed the Drift Fight. Guess what, the Hunters were there with us having fun and making some smoke with the tires, hookah and vape. […]

Posted in: 4 de March de 2020

Zomo in the world

Zomo at John Calliano`s event

Zomo is a habitué at major events around the globe. Our pre-launch event was in Moscow, Russia, this time. Several unique flavors of our lines were introduced to the guests. Our booth was in a privileged spot, right in the center of the lounge, right in front of the stage[…]

Posted in: 22 de November de 2019