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Damages of any nature that might arise out of the acknowledgment, by non-authorized third-parties, of information available in the website; or for reasons exclusively attributable to the Visitor or to a third party, which are out of ZOMO’s legitimate and reasonable control.

This website is subject to constant improvements and updates, therefore ZOMO is not obliged to maintain the structure, layout, functionality and/or tools, unless for its own convenience; and any compensation shall be paid to Visitors or third-parties in case of any changes.

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Pursuant to the provisions set forth in the Constitution, the “Confidential Data Protected by the Privacy Act to Regulate the Private Information (Law nº 1682/2001 -. Nro.1969 / 2002 Act)” Law, and other legislation applicable in the Republic of Paraguay, all the information collected on the Internet, through consultation, the upload of data or any other means, shall be processed with strict and absolute confidentiality. The personal data that might be collected through the website shall have the necessary protection to avoid its modification, loss, non-authorized access or processing, pursuant to the applicable legislation.

All the Visitors that provide their data through the Internet have access, correction and suppression rights, as of the moment of their request, without any opposition, as well as the right of to revoke the consent granted to the transfer of data. The rights mentioned above shall be exercised in writing, at the website’s owner address (available in the section “Property” of these Terms and Conditions).


These terms and conditions may be amended or replaced at any time. ZOMO reserves the right to unilaterally amend this document at any time, and the new version shall enter into force at the moment of its publication in the website.


These Terms and Conditions shall be ruled by the Paraguayan law, and the Paraguayan Courts of Law are entitled to resolve any matters arising out this agreement in connection to the interpretation, application and compliance of its provisions.