Another hit for Zomo!

Another hit for Zomo!

On the last Friday, July 17th, our great friend Hungria performed his concert on a live stream,and we were together online. With more than 50 thousand people, Hungria performed his greatest hits on the stream.

Also, Zomo team joined the live stream from a very special place. They were at the house of the famous youtubers called Hunters, and they went online to tell all the audience that Zomo and Hungria are releasing a new flavor, the second for the singer.

Since it’s oficial, Zomo and Hungria are together once again, giving the customers the flavor they’ve been asking for some time. But we still can’t give you much details, only say that’s something really good and you can’t wait to get it. We have also started a poll to chose the name of this next flavor and the customers will be able to chose between 2 names.

If you haven’t seen the live stream, here’s the link for you to watch: 

Posted in: 22/07/2020

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