Now we are ZOMO MAX!

Now we are ZOMO MAX!

Hello my darlings! You are always asking me for news, so I came with this super hit. We love to innovate, that’s why we brought a new concept that will change everything in your session. Now we are ZOMO MAX! Maximum quality, maximum duration, maximum flavor and much more fun and daring. 

 For you to understand better, we have a new quality process called Blender Max, specially developed in the United States. In addition, all our production processes are ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees that you receive the highest quality product in your hands. 

It goes without saying that we use the best ingredients on the market, right? That’s right, our tobacco leaves come directly from Germany, as well as our flavors that are carefully selected so you can have that session with different flavors. 

We take great care of every detail to guarantee your maximum satisfaction and we are sure that Zomo Max will be the most requested of each occasion. The first flavor has already been launched, it’s called Lemon cake, that creamy lemon cake, delicious with a citrus touch that will make your mouth water. For my dear ones who like the sweetest essences, this will be the most successful of each session. 

Keep an eye on our Instagram as we still have a lot of featured content and be careful not to drool on screen with our releases. 

 If it is to be the best only with ZOMO! 

Posted in: 10/08/2022

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