Zomo and Nasty: the biggest in the vape world created a successful partnership

Zomo and Nasty: the biggest in the vape world created a successful partnership

The two most important brands in the vape world, Zomo and Nasty, close a great alliance. With the creation of the Popsicle line, bringing the summer flavors in two versions, freebase and nicsalt. 

Look how they come, successful launch between the two biggest brands in the vape world: Zomo and Nasty. Now vape and nicsalt liquids have gained strength with the union of these two giants.

The most amazing release of the year is here, huh. The alliance you asked for has arrived, and you know, we answer everything! The new flavors arrive next month at the shops. 

The two brands have developed a line of popsicle flavors. Combining the boldness and superior quality of Zomo and Nasty, the line came with it all, with 4 refreshing flavors. They are special to enjoy the summer like this: top! 

The association between the two brands gives that pleasure of wanting more. This is the first release of the two, so don’t waste time. Run on my page and Nasty’s page and ask for more releases. 

Posted in: 15/11/2022

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