Dragon Wall flavor arrives in Brazil

Dragon Wall flavor arrives in Brazil

Our dearest product in the World line has just been registered at Anvisa, the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency. Now Dragon Wall is part of the Brazilian family and you can acquire this flavor with our sales team. 

Anvisa, the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency, is responsible for regulating flavors with the norms and standards required in the country. That’s why Anvisa’s so important, but… take it easy, the only change is in the package, the taste remains as delicious as ever.  

For those who still don’t know this flavor, come on, tsk tsk, Dragon Wall offers a unique blend of apricot, plum and peach with a touch of mint. A flavor that has crossed the entire Chinese empire to provide a wonderful session. 

Get to know Dragon Wall by clicking the link below:

Posted in: 07/08/2020

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