Coming soon: New flavor Hungria feat Zomo 2

Coming soon: New flavor Hungria feat Zomo 2

During his live on July 27th, our great partner Gustavo “Hungria” talked about launching another flavor with Zomo. Now, this dream is about to come true.

We ran a survey to ask our customers to help us choose the perfect name for that new flavor and, you know, fellas, everything you ask me to do, I do! So, the next ‘Hungria’ flavor will be called ‘O Brabo’.”O Brabo” will be a brand-new flavor, different from the first launched in partnership with Hungria.

The artist is already working on his choice and very soon you’ll see it on our social networks.So, send a DM to our Insta saying what flavor you’d like Hungria to choose! Oh, also check our latest post and leave your comment. #respeitaOBrabo

Posted in: 01/09/2020

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