Zomo at John Calliano Festival

Zomo at John Calliano Festival

Best of Russia – Zomo shone at another edition of John Calliano Summer Festival, on August 22nd. Over 5,000 lovers of the hookah world, could enjoy the event to the max. To make things even better, the festival took place in the summer, the best time of the year, in the northern hemisphere. 

This year, however, the event was a little different because of the global pandemic. Several preventive measures were taken to ensure everyone’s safety. At the entrance area, people received disposable masks and hoses, and the booths offered sanitizing products, such as alcohol and disinfectant. Our Staff was also very well prepared, with personal protective equipment like gloves and masks. Everything was carefully thought so that everybody made the best of the event, safely. 

Zomo took 40 flavors to Russia and everyone who visited our booth could check out the incredible flavors, straight from Brazil, a novelty in the Russian market. As usual, Zomo had products for sale on spot, and offered the participants a lot of fun with the gift machines. 

Do you miss going to events? So, check the video to feel a little bit of that party. 

Posted in: 11/09/2020

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