New space to stay closer to you podcast ZOMO.

New space to stay closer to you podcast ZOMO.

Hello family! We have a new space for you to be aware of the new releases, always, with the help of our Ivi Brandão who conducted the interview with the special guests, and we still have a lot to come, reviews, stories, here to stay close to you . 

The first episode started with Kari Molinari, we fell in love with her life story, her work, especially because she is a fan of ours, we talked about ZOMO HUNGRIA, one of the favorites of the moment with more than 5000 PUFFS, her review was top and she made a super recommendation of flavors. 

The second episode we had Eduardo Macario, an influencer in the world of arguile, well known and obviously MC10 to give this series a special touch. We talked a bit about his career and his experiences with Disney for adults and of course it’s the wonderful ZOMO factory where dreams come true for you. 

Even more, our new product from the STRONG line, the STRONG CHOCO, was highlighted. You can see all the details of this product in the program, take a look at YouTube there, you cannot miss this opportunity to get to know the incredible world of ZOMO. Until next time! 

Posted in: 26/04/2022

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