The new essence STRONG CHOCO swept the Official Launch

The new essence STRONG CHOCO swept the Official Launch

On Friday, March 11, a barbecue was held for the official launch of STRONG CHOCO, the new darling of the STRONG line, until it became a complete success! This time we shine in the flavor, we work especially with that intensity that you like, the one who tried it no longer left it. This essence is a super balanced combination of soft semi-sweet chocolate with refreshing mint without being cloying, it is so perfect that you can make clouds of steam that you will think you are in heaven, we almost arrived, we were a little lacking a little hahaha 

By the way, the party was full of top music, arguiles, prizes throughout the night and lots of fun, of course… when we talk about ZOMO it’s another level, an experience in style that we share with the best. We can’t help but talk to our special guests! The KMZP group, one of the biggest producers of music videos in Brazil like those of MC Kevinho, MC Kekel, MC Guimê, MC Dede, Dani Russo, Mc Rodolfinho, Mc Mm. 

And as if that were not enough, we also had the presence of our favorite influencers: Gabs Fernandes, Leonardo Xavier, Karina Sousa, Lucas Mantellato, Bárbara Morais, Kamilla Castro, Beatriz Castro who welcomed Strong Choco, who was going to be remarkable, tasty and unique, in a simply wonderful event. Everything was recorded, just check out the event on our official pages and the guys there. 

Guys, do you want to know what we’re talking about? Stay tuned to our social media is theirs to play our event. And for you we do it better and better. If you didn’t like chocolate, now you will. And there? Will you try this new flavor? Watch out! Which is addictive, and a delight! 

Posted in: 26/03/2022

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